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Leicester Minibus Hire with Driver 
Leicester is a city flanked by both a famous river and natural forest. Besides being the famed as burial grounds for King Richard III, it is laden with many other attractions open for exploring. All you need is minibus hire in Leicester and a driver to help discover these places. 
We as Leicester minibus hire want to make your trip to the East Midlands a successful one. You will need convenient transport for you, your colleagues, family and friends and we have the spacious and comfortable buses for that. It only takes one phone call and we avail a Mercedes 16 seater or Ford Transit at the airport or hotel you booked into. With a minibus hire with driver, there is more time in your hands to enjoy Leicester.  
Things to Do in Leicester 
For a city that existed as early as 47AD, there are plenty of ancient buildings within the city to explore and learn from. Leicester is said to be one of the cities in England privileged to preserve some of its oldest structures to date. Our Leicester minibus hire driver will take you to all these structures and many more. 
Victoria Park  
This park is precisely 69 acres large, covered with green grass and plenty of playing ground for the entire family. If you are looking for something old and exciting to explore, the War Memorial is within the vicinity, a beautiful medieval edifice with a lot of history to it. For the new, the park was upgraded with a skating arena so you and family can bring your roller blades and skateboard on a free warm afternoon. 
The Leicester Racecourse 
For all those horse-racing fads out there, the Leicester Racecourse is where all fun happens. The course is oval shaped and covers over 2 miles of land. There is plenty of sitting space for the crowds, and locals gather here often to cheer and scream as the horses tear down the green tracks to the finish line. A ticket cost about £30 and there can be discounts on special days like Ladies Day this year. 
The Phoenix Square 

Great creative minds gather here regularly to view and enjoy the amazing artistic displays. The Phoenix Square holds some of the best art impressions in the city that portray the local culture or modernity’s influence through the years. On a different day, the theatre is filled with music or theatrical plays with plenty of people gathered to enjoy the talent.  
The Curve 
This is another creative space within the city centre, but what makes it different is its beautiful covetable design. The Curve is a state-of-the-art theatrical space with plenty of crimson seats arranged beautifully and can accommodate hundreds of people. If there is a brilliant play or concert in town, it is likely to be organized and presented at the Curve. 
The Charnwood Forest 
Charnwood is the best forest for walking, hiking through the woods or just to enjoy the serene atmosphere around it. Additionally, a lot of archaeologists gather here to dig and hunt for fossils; if you are lucky you can catch them in action. On a different day, Charnwood forest would be a serene environment to read a book or hold a picnic.  
Events in Leicester 
1) The Love Run, Victoria Park, Leicester (14th Feb 2016) 
2) Enclosure Admission (Horse Racing and Family Fun Day), Leicester Racecourse, Leicester (7th August 2016) 
3) Signatures, the Curve, Leicester (4th May 2016) 
4) Urban Bush Women (Drama), The Curve, Leicester (13th-14th May 2016) 
Why Choose Us 

All our minibus hires in Leicester drivers are trained and licensed to be on the road as chauffeurs. They are quite friendly and will be happy to drive you around pointing out the best monuments, historical sites and even restaurants and pubs. We have plenty of experience in the business thus provide packages highly personalized for the client.