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Leicester – minibus hire 

Our minibus hire in Leicester provides affordable services to people who want to travel in or around the city. We have experienced drivers who know the area well and have helped people attend concerts, music festivals and football matches throughout London. We can plan the best routes for you so you always get to your destination punctually.  
Travelling can be difficult when you do not have an affordable, reliable means of getting to where you want to go. Quite a few people delay day trips or holidays because they do not want to take public transportation or cannot afford the high prices charged by car companies. Our Leicester minibus hire offers an affordable alternative to hiring cars and is far more reliable than public transportation. 
We offer a free quote to our clients so that you can see exactly how much you can save with our minibus hire. Not only do you save on gas, you will not pay for parking for multiple cars. Environmentally conscious travellers will be pleased to know that using a single bus to transport everyone in their group is less harmful to the environment than using several cars. 
Tour Leicester 
Touring Leicester is easy with our capable drivers at the wheel. Our minibus hire in Leicester can carry you to well-known historical attractions. Our drivers know the city well and can also suggest places that boast interesting architectural features but are not as packed with tourists.  
Several spots in Leicester are associated with ghost stories. If you are looking for something spooky, you cannot go wrong spending an hour or two at places where ghostly phenomena has allegedly been seen. The Leicester Towers Hospital is one of those places. 
We suggest the following attractions: 
The YMCA Building, which has angels and gargoyles 
Blunts Shoes Building, Granby St., which has dramatic vertical Art Deco lines 
Cafe Bruxelles 
The groups that we transport have a variety of interests and visit many galleries, taverns and restaurants throughout Leicestershire. Families and corporate groups may need to make bookings at some restaurants before arriving. Of course, several eateries welcome guests without restrictions at any time of the day.  
Dedicated Coach Hire 
Our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent service. Whether you want to attend a graduation party that will end in the evening or hope to celebrate a successful business deal with associates, we can help you do it. Our VIP coaches are equipped with several amenities which you will find useful en route to hotels, conference centres or meeting rooms. 
We choose our luxurious buses because they offer amenities which make travelling easier on our clients. Overhead lights, adjustable seats, arm rests and seat belts all improve your travel experience. Several features are also there for their safety functions. On school trips, students may be conveniently protected by using lap seat belts or three point seat belts. 
You can select a Mercedes 16 seater, Ford Transit van or make plans with family and friends for trips in any of our Volvos. Each coach is built to handle long journeys and the busy conditions of city life. Our drivers and skilled mechanics work together to ensure that you will not experience any mechanical failures on your trip. 
Call us now to learn more about all the ways in which we can help you enjoy more of Leicester. If you already know where you want to go and what time you need to reach there, visit our website now and fill in the relevant data on our helpful reservations form. Contact us and you will be pleased with the courteous service we offer.